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Sherpa Games Inc.


Toronto, ON, CANADA

Tel: +1-416-419-9488


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The Sherpas of Everest have a reputation of providing essential services, guiding the mountaineer 
along the journey to success – the apex of the mountain. They quietly provide this service, enabling the mountaineer to benefit from their experience. The Sherpa are strong, knowledgeable and confident. It was Tenzing Norgay who helped Sir Edmond Hillary be the first explorer to conquer Everest, and it was Hillary himself who acknowledge without the help of the Sherpa, it would have been very difficult to make the summit.


Similar to the independent game developer on a quest for a publishing or distribution solution, Sherpa Games Inc. helps guide the developer through the process of exposing their title to the publishing community. Having journeyed the path many times, Sherpa Games Inc. can help the developer find their way. We help create presentation material, identify the best fit publishers, collect market research data on similar genres and present the title – saving the developer time and money.

"You cannot be a good mountaineer,however great your ability, unless you are cheerful and have the spirit of comradeship. Friends are as important as achievement. Another is that teamwork is The one key to success and that selfishness only makes a man small. Still another is that no man, 
on a mountain or elsewhere, gets more out of anything than he puts into it." – TENZING NORGAY

Sherpa Games Inc.

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